For Hair Restoration:

We offer the LLLT Laser Hood in the office. Client sits under the hood for 30 minutes twice a week.

Included in the package head shots, scalp anaylsis and scalp photos done at the 1st, 3rd, 6, and 9 month mark.

Shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum for $3300
Package without the shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment is $2900.00

Laser Cap

How Does LaserCap Work?

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Laser Therapy

As with other laser therapy devices, the concept is that light emitted from the laser will stimulate growth of hair and reduce hair loss. This process, called photo-biotherapy, occurs when laser light is absorbed by cells and stimulates cell metabolism and protein synthesis.

The LaserCap uses the same laser diode wavelength and output power per laser as an FDA-cleared LLLT device, however it has 224 laser diodes versus 9 laser diodes in the other device.

The LaserCap treats the entire scalp with a dosage of light radiation, or dosimetry, that is adjustable. For example, dosimetry may be set significantly higher than the FDA-cleared device and significantly higher than in-office dome devices. This higher dosimetry, combined with consistent regular use, may be essential for effectiveness, according to experts in the field of photomedicine.

Client will be seen and examined at the 3, 6, and 9 month mark.

Cost:$2995.00 (includes consultation with head shots and scalp photos)


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